How Scotland’s Johnny Walker Became a Global Success

How Scotland’s Johnny Walker Became a Global Success

If you are looking for premium quality Scotch whisky, you can never overlook the Johnny Walker brand. Every bottle has a masterful blend of grain and single-malt whisky. The globally recognised branded whisky is also sold in Australia. In every corner of the world, you can find the Johnny Walker whisky bottle with a logo of a striding man and a slanting label. But, what is the secret behind the global success of the Scotch whisky brand? Let us explore the brand story to learn about the journey.

Beginning Of The Scotch Brand’s Journey

The Johnnie Walker brand story reveals the ambition and passion of the founder. The 14-year-old lad, John Walker, started his business in 1819. Some trustees invested an amount in the Kilmarnock wine and spirit shop. At that time, John Walker used to retain single malts, though there were inconsistencies in the whisky.

But, he planned to make a blend that provides consistent quality and taste. Later, his sons moved the business forward and introduced a unique square bottle. In 1893, the company purchased Cardhu Distillery, which played a significant role in producing Jonnie Walker whisky. The smoky taste in the Johnnie blends is really characteristic.

Thoughtful Marketing Strategy: The Real Reason Behind The Success

The Striding Man logo invented for the Johnnie Walker brand made the marketing campaign successful. Tom Browne, a cartoonist, created the striding man design in the 20th century. However, the design went through several iterations. The initial design showed a jovial character with a monocle on the eye and a smiling face. But, it is now an iconic     design with a touch of sophistication.

The symbol represents the journey of progress to achieve milestones. When you drink Johnnie Walker whisky for the first time, Red Label may be the best choice. It will then encourage you to achieve a higher rank and try out the Blue Label.

The Red and Blue Label variants are not the only choices for the brand. The company has expanded its portfolio to offer:

  • Double Black whisky (smokier and richer than Black Label)
  • Gold Label Reserve
  • Platinum Label – an 18-year-old drink

The company also reintroduced the blended malt Green Label and showed its experimental approaches. However, the costliest and rarest one is the Blue Label with multiple variants. You can try out Blue Label King George V edition and 2015 Limited Edition. Thus, the brand will add more drinks to the product lines to keep consumers engaged.

Learn About This Wonderful Drink: The Action Plan

The Johnnie Walker brand success is not all about its quality whisky. It has created a 10-year action plan to reduce its carbon footprint and show environmental consciousness.     The programme will encourage the use of cardboard gift boxes all over the world. To ensure sustainability, the brand wants to use 30% less water for production purposes. Moreover, it will take science-based actions to make the world more sustainable.

So, these are some major reasons behind the global recognition of the Johnnie Walker brand.


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